Our Story

our name

btr159 is an odd name for a jewellery and accessories store. 

Many have asked us what it stands for, guess we should reveal it to our curious ones.

btr159 is a secret code that represents our vision and expectations of this exciting venture, to be something substantial, one-of-a-kind; and a representation of the team that we are. One hint, our birthdays are in January, May, and September.


our birth

For the longest time,  we said we would make a good team and we should build something that we love together.

Then life kind of steered us to different directions. First, it was law, investment banking, fashion industries craziness. Then came public and philanthropy duties. Lastly, motherhood arrived to overwhelm.  The idea never really took off. 

2019 was special.  Everything around us influenced us take a break, breathe, and venture into something that we really find pleasure doing.

So there we go. We did it. Finally.


our philosophy

“Bringing you a curated selection of accessories to brighten up your style”

Simply put, we like accessories: earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, scarves, everything.

We believe in having the right mix and right amount of accessories can spice up outfits! You shouldn’t have to break the bank for it.

Affordable and Chic. Nothing Excessive.

So, sit tight, we'll do the scouting for you.